Space Cowgirl

January 4, 2019

This look is the love child born of glamrock disco western wear. Inspired by Gucci Spring 2017  (7:41) and the suit made for Miley Cyrus by Jeremy Scott for Younger Now   (1:43) I decided to piece together my own creation. I’m slightly obsessed with American Apparel’s disco pants and I have them in about 4 different colors and I still want more. The pearl color disco pants were a perfect match for this vintage, creamy white, 70’s western shirt that I found on eBay and instantly fell in love. The gold stitching and pearl snap buttons screamed 70’s western glam. And, to add icing to the cake, I chose this absolutely stunning vintage golden leather jacket with fringe. Funny story, I found this jacket on Etsy when I received a notification that someone started following my wishlist. I became super paranoid that this stranger was going to steal one of my precious treasures out from under me. Out of curiosity I started looking at their list and found this glorious piece. And then I bought it. . . . Who’s the asshole now? Sorry to whomever I stole this jacket from but I will treasure it forever.

Since the shirt had some metallic detail on it I wanted to add some bling and boy did I with these Steve Madden Winona rhinestone booties. I’ve been wearing these with everything lately. Cause rhinestones are the new neutral. Right?(Just go with it). I then also chose these Zara golden fringe rhinestone earrings. These are apparently no longer available but you could also find a pair of vintage fringe earrings like these or these on Etsy. This look was topped off with a vintage mixed metal chain mail purse and a pair of Poppy Lissiman Toxic Pop nude sunglasses. I loved how the sporty look of the sunglasses clashed with the rest of the outfit but still fit with the color scheme. It felt so wrong it just had to be right.


Makeup by Serena Jenkins @serena.ish

Photography by Joelle Rosen at

1 thought on “Space Cowgirl

  1. I appreciate the details you provide on how you create these phenomenal looks. The fringe jackets is amazing! I don’t own anything with fringe, but you’re making me want something. Not only are you modeling this output perfectly, but I cannot get over how perfect the sky is as a backdrop. Tell me you are printing all of these photo shoots for a portfolio to keep. 🙂

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