Without Feather Ado. . .

August 6, 2018

This dress was another phenomenal Ebay find. I don’t know why but one day I thought, “I need a dress with Ostrich feathers on it!” I wasn’t sure exactly what I was looking for but when I came across this dress I knew it was something special. The classic silhouette and vibrant sherbet orange color made it irresistible to me. There is something so undeniably luxurious about wearing feathers when done right. And by that, I mean no Party City feather boas. They have their place but save them for Halloween or Mardi Gras! Feathers can add a movement and texture to the look that feels absolutely decadent. The way the feathers dance around take my mind to a place of floating dandelion seeds in an open field or jellyfish tendrils drifting in the ocean. The very thought of it is so dreamy. Someone light me a cigarette. . .

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe that feeling beautiful and being comfortable can coexist. For me that usually comes down to the shoes. I love these gold Cole Haan Jovie heels so much. I bought them at a discount store and have worn them so often that I’m looking to buy another pair in case something should happen to them. The fear of ever having to live my life without these shoes is stifling. (VV dramatic, I know.) I could literally wear them for 12 hours straight and not blink an eye.

To further push the look into emoting a more tropical and summery vibe I added these peachy pink J Crew Chandelier earrings and a vintage gold and green leaf clutch for contrast. This dress could definitely be styled differently for the fall but the accessories are what really seal the deal in making the look seasonally appropriate for the warmer months.

Hope you enjoy being overly dramatic in some of the finds I’ve linked below! xoxo

Find your own feathered frock here! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Photography by Whitney Jade Photography

Makeup by Claire Balest

Hair by Alyse Wieland @alyserose25


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