Blue Jean Baby

September 17, 2018
Denim. It never goes out of style, you can dress it up or down and there’s style out there for everyone. This dress is one piece I can put on and I’m done (well almost). When you break it down it has all the great qualities that make denim dresses so appealing. It’s comfortable, seasonally versatile and easy to accessorize. Whatever your activities for the day, a dress like this can be an easy answer to still looking put together with minimal effort. You can sex it up and wear heels for a night out, or pair it with some Chuck Taylors for running errands during the day.  Who knew that a denim dress could go from day to night? For me, I loved that this dress has such a strong design. It made it more than just your run of the mill denim dress. This piece is distinct. It’s a statement and oh yeah, it’s TEAL!!!
I know this may come as shock but I love the 80’s, so I accessorized accordingly. I’ve been wearing my Dadybones Memphis earrings all summer so why stop now? I love elastic waistbands for comfort but I can’t shake this feeling that they look cheap so I always like to somewhat hide them with a belt. The vintage silver one I added gives a nod to the slight western vibe of the dress. On that note, I think this dress would also look great with cowboy boots and a bolo tie or any other western statement jewelry (note to self: start looking for bolo ties). I’m a little obsessed with metal mesh bags from the 70’s and 80’s right now so I chose this gold one from Capture Boutique.  I topped it all off with these fantastic red and silvery gold glitter sunglasses that I found while searching for “Goldie Hawn Overboard sunglasses” on Etsy. It was a stretch, but it worked, and I love these sunnies from TheAddict.

Per the usual I’ve already searched for similar dresses so you can have your very own denim dream. Links below!

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Photos by Joelle Rosen at JoelleGrace.Com



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