Confedentially Framed

October 2, 2018
I love polka dots when I see them on other people, especially mixed polka dot prints, but I have a hard time not feeling a little too cutesy when I wear them. The sharp lines of this polka dot ensemble added just the right amount of edge to tone done that cutesy problem.
To me this dress embodies women in the 80’s and 90’s workplace, where they needed to be sweet and feminine so as not to appear too intimidating but also confident and competent so as to be taken seriously. This dress represents the power of how a look can make people feel and how it can subconsciously persuade a perspective. I think many times people need to be eased into change. Change is scary, it’s the unknown and it can be uncomfortable. Fashion can show the world how things can be blended and how everything doesn’t have to fit into a box. Through styling someone can be a little preppy and a little goth or a little rock ‘n roll and a little hipster. Fashion can blur the lines that define stereotypes. I love that in this day and age there are no rules when it comes to fashion. Everyone may have their own personal style rules but we all don’t have to live by them.
This dress is a bold in color and silhouette and incorporates 3 current trends: the 90’s, vibrant yellows, and polka dots. I found this dress on Etsy for about $30 dollars. Its like no one else wanted it or something. Weird, right? Just kidding. I know a lot of people think this dress is absurd but that kinda makes me love it even more.
I accessorized with a vintage wide brim, glossy, black straw hat and a vintage dark navy handbag I found in near perfect condition at StateMint Consignment.  To go with the pearls on the buttons of the dress I chose a pair of Steve Madden black and white high heeled slides with gold and pearl accents and some Zara earrings. Zara has a ton of fantastic 90’s inspired earrings right now but you can also find your own OG pair through eBay, Etsy or your local thrift store. When it was all said and done I loved the look, a mix of L.A. Confidential meets Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Photography Joelle Rosen

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